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Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah is a sprawling, relaxed town affording a splendid view of beautiful sunsets over the offshore islands. This city is famous for its highest mountain the Mount Kinabalu. At the height of 4,101 metres, Mount Kinabalu is said to be growing at half a centimetre a year. Kota Kinabalu has all the cultures of the ancients. You can still find the village on stilts; the Kampung Ayer, people of all tribes selling their harvests in the nearby market whilst at the end of a day, modern restaurants come alive around the town.

   Joining our tours, you will get the chance to take a dip in the natural hot springs of Poring Hot Springs. The spring is known for its therapeutic and soothing baths that contains sulphuric minerals which can take away sores and aches of muscles. Famous for its vegetable market, take a sight-seeing tour around Kundasang, a village just 6 km from Kinabalu National Park. Being part of Borneo island, Kota Kinabalu offers the best of island chains off its shore. Established in 1974, the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park comprises two-thirds of sea and the rest is coral reefs and five islands. A tour is not complete without shopping. Take a stroll amongst the handcrafts by the indigenous and non-indigenous people of Sabah hanged up at the Philipino Market and to the largest shopping mall in Sabah, Centre Point, which houses top branded retailers.

Tour Package
Kinabalu National Park 4 Days 3 Nights Kinabalu National Park - Kota Kinabalu City Tour
Kota Kinabalu City 3 Days 2 Nights Kinabalu National Park - Kota Kinabalu City Tour