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Miri City Tour
City Fan Aerial View
   The tour will take you to City Fan, a well-planned garden, with a miniature Mosque, Chinese Green Garden and other local scenic attractions. Miri City Fan Park, a 10.4-hectare park, was accorded the Malaysia's best landscaped city park in 2001.
   A unique fan-shaped urban civic park, it is sited in the hub of sports, educational and cultural facilities of Miri. Miri City Fan is designed to create civic consciousness by including an Islamic Park, Chinese Garden, Local Tribes Park and Health Park. Walking around City Fan, you will encounter a promenade, a parkland, an amphitheater, musical fountains, an IT library and a cultural center.
City Fan Sunset
Taoist Temple
   Then proceed to the Taoist Temple, the largest in South East Asia. Opened in the year 2000, it is being cared by Buddhist monks and draws may Taoist devotees in Miri.
   Next stop is a pottery shop, where you can buy Sarawak traditional designs or any local handicrafts. There is a wide range of Orang Ulu products, as the homeland of these artistically gifted people lies in Northern Sarawak.
City Fan Chinese Garden
   Crossing the Piasau Bridge into Piasau Camp and onwards to Lutong, home to Sarawak Shell Berhad and Petronas Caligali – both involved in explorations and productions of crude petroleum in offshore oil fields.
   Lutong was made the hub of oil production activities in Miri when the production reached 95,000 barrels a day. This is also made possible as Lutong is stretched along the seashore.The oil boom drew population to this used-to-be sleepy town and today, has become a bustling small town.

Petronas Oil Refinery
Lutong Mosque
   Driving past Lutong Town, you will be amazed by the sight of a church and a mosque built in the same compound as Malaysians of different faiths live in harmony.

   From Lutong, you will proceed to the First Oil Well in Malaysia, located on the famous Canada Hill. The history was in 1910, a team of Canadian engineers were drilling, pumping the 'black gold' and making themselves noticed in other ways on the ridge behind the town. Hence, the name Canada Hill.
Lutong Church
Sea Horse-Miri Mascot
   The hilltop is still crowned as the first oil well, affectionately known as the 'Grand Old Lady'. It is a fine lookout point over Miri City and the offshore drilling sites. Today, the old well shares her vantage point with the Petroleum Museum, a popular visitor's attraction.

   Proceed to visit Tamu Muhibbah, the local farmers' market, located at the city centre. You can find various types of tropical & rainforest fruits and vegetables including fern tops, edible leaves, mushrooms and the infamous sago grubs...you may not like to eat them, but they make irresistable photos!

Tamu Muhibbah