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Crocodile Farm & Pottery Shop
  Come & experience the Mysterious World of Crocodile !

A pleasant scenic 20 minutes coastal drive along Miri-Kuala Baram road from Miri brings you to the Crocodile Farm.

Come face to face with more than 1,000 Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) and Malayan Gharial (Tomistoma Schlegelii) in a 22 acres land-scaped setting with natural breeding enclosure and perfectly man-made sanctuary ponds specially carved out for the creatures. A stroll around its perimeter allows you to safely view an amazing collection of crocodiles up close.

Besides crocodiles, there is also a Snake house, a small zoo and fishponds where visitors are allowed to fish. Taking a stroll through the farm, you come face to face with some exotic animals such as Southern Cassowary, Phython, Binturong, Sun Bears, Gibbon, Porcupines, a band of cheerful Monkeys and more. The different species of foreign and domestic animals are kept in spacious cages seperated from the visitors. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals with bananas available at our canteen.

Take a leisure and educational tour around our mini zoo and learn about the animals and their habitat. It will provide an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience individuals of all ages.

After leaving the farm, you will visit a pottery shop along Miri-Kuala Baram road. The ethnic, modern and contemporary design ceramic pots, vases and handicrafts are a memorable souvenir.