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Day Dive
Meet at hotel lobby. Transfer to jetty, the nearest is accessible within 20 minutes by twin engine catamaran fibre boat. The diving sites range from 6 meters shallow reefs to 50 meters drop off.

Miri has a wide range of world's best dive sites. Eve's Garden, just 15 minutes from the jetty, is a shallow reef just 12 metres deep carpeted with soft corals and populated with clown fishes, anemones, gobies and large Bumphead parrotfish. Catch the sight of fluorescent hard corals on the seabed. For anemones enthusiasts, proceed for a 30 minutes boat ride to Anemone Garden. One of the most interesting reefs with splendid diversity of both hard and soft corals. Spot some feather stars, giant clams and nudibranchs while in March or April, whale sharks are often sighted around the reef.

The Belais Reef is like an open zoo in the sea - you can find angelfish, butterflyfish, sea perch, lizardfish and nudibranchs. Jacks and yellow snappers are also found in abundance. Batfish are also common among the long swaying sea whips or hovering blithesomely over outcrops whilst being serviced by entourage of cleaner wrasse and shrimps. The most favourite sites among local divers is the Sri Gadong Wreck, resting upright on an 18-metre sand bottom, this small 30 metre cargo ship wreck is renown for it's residents of large groupers, Jacks, yellow grunts, batfish and barracudas.

View the map of these diving sites and many more....click here....


For your safety, please schedule all your flights 12 hours after diving time.

However, if you wish to dive (Limited to one location only) on the same day you depart and fly, you will be doing this at your own risk.

A full twelve hours surface interval is required between each day of diving. Divers are to make sure that their last dive of the day coincides with the first dive of the next day should they wish to dive at additional diving location.