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Half Day Iban Long House

Skulls Hanging Above
Pick up at hotel lobby. Proceed along Jalan Miri - Bintulu for about an hour drive to the longhouse.

    The Ibans were formerly known as Sea Dayaks during the colonial period and was renowned for practising headhuntering and piracy. Their population concentrated in Sarawak, Brunei and Indonesia.

   Join a tour during their most significant festival; the Gawai Dayak, which is celebrated on 1st June every year. This rice festival is to worship the end of a good harvest season. On this day, the Ibans get together to celebrate, often visiting each other.

   The Iban traditional dance, the ngajat, is performed with the accompaniment of the taboh, the name of the Ibans' traditional music. Pua kumbu, the Iban traditional cloth, would be used to decorate houses. Tuak, which is rice wine, would be served to guests.

   The Iban traditional longhouses are commonly built raised off the ground on stilts. Stepping up the narrow, wooden hand-made stairs, you will see that the longhouse is divided into two by a wall; a public ruai (area) and a row of bilik (room).

   The ruai seem like a corridor or hall from one end to the other, used for various activities including a walkpath to other bilik, occasional gatherings and drying rice. While bilik are private living quarters owned by each basic family, where each single door represents each family.

   Taking a tour to these longhouses let you experience the distinctive living environment of the Ibans.
The Traditional Ngajat
Occasional Gathering on the Ruai