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Lambir National Park

Pick up at hotel and proceed to Lambir National Park, which is approximately 24 km away from Miri City.

    Recent studies suggest that Lambir has the greatest level of plant bio diversity in the world. As well as plants, gibbons, tarsiers, flying lizards, pangolins, wild pigs and various types of deer and 157 different species of birds inhabit its forest.
   Lambir is famous for its vast waterfalls. A series of small waterfalls are found along the Sungai Liam about a half kilometer away from the Park Office. These waterfalls are namely called First, Second and Third or Latak. An old oil well is located very close to the Second Waterfall. Other accessible falls are the Pantu and Nibong Waterfall along the Pantu Trail. Another one along the Bakam Trail are the Pancur, Tengkorong and Dinding Waterfall.

    A trip to Miri is incomplete without a visit to an Iban Longhouse. Experience the uniqueness architecture of these longhouses and we ensure you will leave with awe and excitement.

Items to Bring : Good walking shoe with good grip, water bottle, cap or umbrella.