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Niah Cave Tour


Depart for Niah National Park for 2 hours drive from Miri. Upon arrival at Park Headquarters, preregister and cross the Niah River by a small boat.

Then follow the 3.5 KM plank walk (45 minutes) to the entrance of the Niah Caves. Tours of the cave will take you through the Trader Cave, Great Cave, Gangkira Cave and Painted Cave.

After the cave tour, you will have your lunch at local restaurant before proceeding back to Miri.

    Take a tour to the world's largest limestone caves and one of the most significant prehistoric site, Niah Caves. It is the home of the Niah Man, which was proven to be 40,000 years old. Interesting rock paintings embellish the walls of burial cave 'Kain Hitam', where boat-shaped coffins can be seen on the dry cave grounds. It is also a favourite place for bird's nests hunting. If you are lucky, you may catch a sight of a man on a hundred metres high bamboo pole, 'harvesting' the bird's nests from the ceiling of the Niah Caves.


Items to Bring : Torch light, Good walking shoes with good grip, Water bottle, Cap or Umbrella.