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Mulu National Park has been a world-wide famous park, simply for its incredible caves, longest rivers, magnificent pinnacles and the large diversity of its flora and fauna. The geology of its caves systems consist alluvial clays, sandstone and limestone formation, which, through millions of years, creates the world's largest cave passage ( The Deer Cave ) and the largest cave in South East Asia ( The Clearwater Cave ).

     Mulu National Park is largely diversed with more than 3,500 species of plants including the Pitcher Plant, orchids, palms, gingers and the unusual 'One Leaf' Plant. The 544 sq. km of primary rainforest also include an array of fauna species and insects.Who knows you may encounter some new species...

    Joining our tours, you will get the chance to experience caving the world famous cave system, watching millions of bats scouring for food in the evening, riding a longboat before taking a brisk walk on the plank footpath. For adventurous travellers, you may want to try the tour via the Headhunter's Trails to get the feeling of the ancient warriors of the Iban people.
Tour Package
  2 Days 1 Night - Mulu
  3 Days 2 Nights - Mulu
  4 Days 3 Nights - Pinnacles
  5 Days 4 Nights - Pinnacles
  4 Days 3 Nights - Headhunter's Trail without Pinnacles
  5 Days 4 Nights - Headhunter's Trail with Pinnacles