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3 Days 2 Nights - Kuching Free & Easy

The 1891 Sarawak Museum
   The Sarawak Museum Old Building was built in 1891 and was extended to its present form in 1911. Today, the ground floor of the museum holds the natural history collection and specimens of Sarawak fauna; reptiles, mammals, birds, etc, all expertly prepared and mounted for display. The first floor displays exhibits of models of longhouses of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak, musical instruments, various kinds of fish and animal traps, handicrafts, models of boats and others.
   A trip to Kuching is incomplete without a visit to The Cat Museum. With its 2000 exhibits, the museum houses posters, paintings, sculptures, etchings, sheet music, album covers, porcelain statuettes ... and even a mock grave of these feline creatures.

Visit the Hilltop Cat Museum
The 1879 Main Bazaar    Main Bazaar, opposite the Waterfront, is the oldest street in the city and the heart of old Kuching. It has some superb Chinese shop houses architecture mostly have been occupied by the same family for generations. Highest concentration of antique and handicraft shops are to be found here, and shoppers can rest between bargaining sessions in a number of old-fashioned kopitiams.
   Strectching approximately 1 km long, the Kuching Waterfront is a secluded area with facilities for entertainment, refreshment, relaxation, cultural enjoyment and arts appreciation. Among the facilities here are food & beverages outlets, children playground, a chinese pavilion, open air Waterfront Square for recreational activities, musical fountains, floating pontoon and observatory tower.

The 1-km Riverside Waterfront
Dubbed Chinatown - The Carpenter Street    From Main Bazaar or Waterfront, take a shortcut through a small alley and you will find the Carpenter Street-dubbed Chinatown. The refurbished old shophouses are brightly painted which sells non-touristy stuff; bicycles, books, hardwares and antique furnitures. Stop by in one of the many old-styled kopitiam to enjoy Sarawak cuisine.
   From 'Chinatown', move on to 'Little India'. The India Street lined with shops selling all kinds of goods (particularly textiles), with its beautifully paved street offers a mixture of old and new and for curious travellers, find a narrow passageway that houses a small Mosque hidden away in the middle of the city. Its structure has undergone many changes since the mid 19th century.

Dubbed Little India - India Street
The 1843 Tua Pek Kong    The Kuching Mosque, built in 1968 makes one of the city's most striking landmarks especially at sunset. Placed at the riverside, the mosque's surroundings is used as an Islamic Cemetery since its early days. Visitors are requested to dress respectfully and remove their shoes. Non-Muslims may not enter during prayer times.
   On the other side of the city and of a different belief, the ornately decorated Tua Pek Kong is the oldest temple in Kuching. Situated at the roadside of the heart of the city, it is usually thronged with devotees during the Chinese festivals. The most significant festival is the Wang Kang Festival, a festival to commemorate the dead. From afar, catch the sight of giant joss sticks burning in its front yard.

The 1968 Kuching Mosque
The 1879 Fort Margherita     Fort Margherita, built in 1879 was to guard Kuching's river from pirates. An extremely attractive and some say, "cute" building, this all-white fort is named after Charles Brooke's (the first Sarawak's white Rajah) wife, Ranee Margaret. However, this building had never came up to its intended purpose for the attacks came from land. Today, the fort houses the Police Museum.
    Opposite the river, a similar but smaller building was erected for the same purpose. The Square Tower on the Waterfront was built as a fortress. Today, it houses a multimedia onformation centre and video theatre, providing information and documentaries on Sarawak's tourist attractions.

Pack your bags and cameras. We will do the rest for you.

The Fort at Night